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Recipe Card in Elementor

Display Your Recipes in Elementor Easily insert recipes created using Recipe Card Block anywhere on your website. You can either insert the recipe shortcode in your pages or use the special widget created for Elementor. […]

Recipe Card – Accent Header Style

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Recipe Card – Amber Style

I feel like not much needs said beyond that this is the most famous Greek sauce. It is a deliciously fragrant and refreshing appetizer which makes it ideal for summer.  Very easy to prepare, Tzatziki requires few […]

Recipe Card – Classic Style

Here is a simple dish that is perfect for a light dinner or a good weekend lunch. It’s easy to prepare and super delicious. We used liquid smoke for this recipe, which you can buy on Amazon and in […]

Individual Recipe Blocks

Recipe Card Blocks PRO includes 10 blocks. Here you can see a demo of some of them: Ingredients Block Features: Print button (on/off) Group ingredients Add links (including affiliate ones) Format the text: bold, italic, […]